Neethan Shan for City Councillor


Transit for Scarborough

Scarborough has been stuck waiting for too long. We deserve transit now. I will advocate for better Transit - accessible, affordable and available with more service to underserved areas in Scarborough.


We have the largest concentration of young people in Toronto and they need job opportunities. I will champion the creation of jobs for our community and for our youth. I will also work to create a BIA, remove barriers to employment, and invest in local green jobs in Scarborough. 


Housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable. It doesn't have to be that way. With better urban planning and the involvement of the local community in decision-making we can create and properly maintain affordable housing. 

Affordable child care

There is a lack of affordable and accessible child care in Scarborough. There are over 18,000 children on waiting lists for affordable child care spaces in our city. Our community has one of the longest lists of children waiting for an affordable space. We have been neglected for too long. All families and children deserve equal access to the foundations of education and a safe and affordable space for children while parents are at work. I will fight to expand city run child care and increase the availability of subsidies for families in our ward. 

A community space for us

Thousands of kids in our community lack any community centre or any community space. We haven't had a City Councillor fighting for this space, fighting for us. I will take this on and work to build a new community centre for Ward 42.