Neethan Shan for City Councillor


Vote Early: Feb 4 & 5

Every vote will count in this election and voting early is one of the best ways you can help Neethan and his campaign. 

It is also easier, faster, and more convenient for you to vote early this weekend.

You can stop by the Malvern Recreation Centre at 30 Sewells Road (north of Neilson and Sheppard) anytime between 10am-6pm. 

Need a ride to vote? Call us at 647 622 6990.

The more of Neethan's supporters who vote early, the more people we can focus on getting out to vote on election day February 13. 

Remember to bring Identification
To vote this weekend you need to bring a piece of ID with your name and address, such as a Driver's licence. You can see a full list of acceptable ID here on the City's website.


Saturday February 4  
Sunday February 5
Malvern Recreation Centre
30 Sewells Road