Neethan Shan for City Councillor


Vote on February 13

When do I vote?

Election Day is Monday February 13 and voting takes place from 10am to 8pm at various locations across Ward 42.

Where do I vote?

You need to vote in the polling station the City has assigned to you and your neighbours. You can find out where you vote by simply clicking here and submitting your address. If you have any issues at all, call us at 647 622 6990 and we will help.

How do I vote?

To vote you need to bring a piece of identification with your name and address, such as a Driver's licence. You can see a full list of acceptable ID by clicking here and visiting the City's website.

Neethan is #23 on the ballot. 

If you need a ride to the polls for any reason, please call us 647 622 6990. We have volunteers who would be happy to help . 

How can I help Neethan on Election Day?

On election day we will have hundreds of volunteers helping supporters find out where, when, and how to vote. Join our team by clicking here and signing up to help out or call us at 647 622 6990.