Neethan Shan for City Councillor


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The City of Toronto has an excellent rebate program. You will receive up to 75% of your donation back in the form of a cheque mailed to you from the City. For example a $100 donation, only costs you $25 since you can receive $75 back as a cheque. Click here to donate now.

Every dollar donated to this campaign will be put to incredible use:

  • a campaign office
  • small and large lawn signs to show Scarborough the strength of support for Neethan
  • campaign literature and materials to introduce Neethan and his vision for the community
  • election day materials and voting information to get people out to vote

You can donate directly through the website using a credit card by clicking the donate button below.  

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You can see the details of the City of Toronto's rebate program for donations on their website here.