Neethan Shan for City Councillor


Fair Share for Scarborough

Scarborough deserves better. From recreation programs to transit, we will bring more city services, so that our communities can grow and flourish to their full potential.

Smart Development

Neighbourhood growth needs community input.  There can be no new developments without public consultation or support from residents. We must also take immediate action on unsafe, illegal rooming houses.  


Scarborough is under-serviced when it comes to public transportation.  We must improve bus routes and services. We will make sure construction starts on the Scarborough Subway Extension and the Eglinton East LRT.


To ease traffic congestion, we must immediately widen Port Union Road as well as Steeles Ave, and extend Morningside to Steeles.  Let’s make street safety a priority, especially in school zones and areas with a high number of seniors.

Heritage Initiatives

We must protect our beautiful parks and historical sites.  Maintaining and highlighting our heritage is a key part of protecting Scarborough’s unique identity..

Scarborough needs more recreation centres and services that support seniors, families and youth.  We can do that in the next few years and build retirement homes close to where seniors currently live.

Children, Youth and Seniors

Living Arts Centre

Let’s work together to bring a Living Arts Centre to Scarborough and have performing and visual arts programs, a place for meetings, conventions, and community events close to home.

We must keep Scarborough beautiful and sustainable by implementing new environmental initiatives for our parks and trails.

Greening Scarborough